Paralelní Polis brings you another Pizza Day Prague!

The pizza-to-pizza conference is a call to arms for advocates of Bitcoin as peer-to-peer technology.

A dozen years have passed since the first trade of pizza for Bitcoin. Today, we celebrate the widespread popularity and adoption of this delicious dish. It has been embraced by individuals, businesses, and even national governments. We are truly witnessing the rise of the hyper-pizzanization of our world.

Yet, just as the pizza industry has evolved from sit-down restaurants to delivery services to frozen pizzas, the Bitcoin ecosystem has similarly moved from face-to-face transactions to third-party intermediaries. But just as frozen pizzas can never truly replace the experience of a freshly-made pie, third-parties can never fully replace the trustless nature of P2P transactions.

We believe that by using Bitcoin as intended, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, we can create a more secure, efficient, and fair financial system. We reject the need for third parties and spofs, and extol cryptography to empower truly trustless systems. P2P technologies not only enable more robust and smooth economic structures, but most importantly they bring global coordination without the need for hierarchies. Still, we must resist the temptation to build walls and instead strive to create bridges, fostering a culture of technological meritocracy and collaboration.

As contemporary cypherpunks, it is our duty to fight for the ideals of decentralization and trustlessness in the face of challenges from governments, the public, and even within our own communities. As Bitcoin allows us to connect directly with one another without the need for trusted third parties, so too can we envision a future where pizza enthusiasts can savor their favorite dish without intermediaries.

Join us in the fight for a decentralized future where the power of peer-to-peer technology enables true pizza freedom for all. Let us embrace the power of the pizza-to-pizza revival and celebrate the genuine spirit of the original Bitcoin pizza transaction.

pizza-to-pizza || p2p || peer-to-peer


Come celebrate with us and become a part of this unique experience!


Sergej Kotliar

CEO & Founder of Bitrefill

Tim Akinbo

Bitcoin developer & Organizer of QalaAfrica

Francisco Calderón

Software engineer, FOSS & BTC supporter, lnp2pBot builder

Peter Todd

Bitcoin Core Developer


Crypto-anarchist & Aspiring cypherpunk

Anita Posch

Bitcoin educator, author & founder of Bitcoin for Fairness”

Sjors Provoost

Author & Bitcoin Core Contributor

Lea Petras

Co-Founder & CEO of Vexl, an anonymous BTC marketplace


Open Resorcerer

Martin Matejka

Co-Founder of


Building tools for Security, Privacy, and Freedom

Christian Lewe

Engineer at Blockstream

Rigel Walshe

Software developer at Swan Bitcoin


Cryptoanarchist & Bitcoin maximalist

Juraj Bednar

Educator, writer, cryptoanarchist & biohacker

Maxim Orlovsky

Radical transhumanist & CEO at Pandora Core AG

Jan Čapek

Co-Founder of Braiins


Developer & Bitcoin enthusiast, co-founder of Bleskomat


Lightning developer & open-source idealist

Philip Agyei Asare

Bitcoin evangelist & founder of Blockchain Foundation Africa

Lukas George

Co-founder of the ZeroSync project

Vlad Costea

Bitcoin Podcaster & Author of the BTCTKVR Magazine

Alexei Zamyatin

CEO & Founder of

Mário Havel

Hacker, Co-Founder of Bordel Hackerspace & Pizza Day PRG

Venues - Paralelní Polis & La Fabrika

Unique industrial multi-purpose professional event space in the heart of Holešovice district in Prague ideal for presenting various projects and hosting community events.


Paralelní Polis is a one-­of-­a-­kind nonprofit organisation that brings together art, social sciences, and modern technologies. The ideas of liberty, independence, and innovative thinking and development of society are the main underlying foundations the whole project is built upon.

The project intends to remain state free as it operates entirely without support from the government, and most of the funds come from voluntary contributions of our donors and partly from commercial activities such as running a unique co­working space and the world’s first bitcoin-­only cafe.

It was founded by members of a contemporary-­art group Ztohoven, and Slovak and Czech hacker­spaces. Its main goal is to promote economic, social and digital freedom. We try to be a vocal voice of freedom in order to shape the public discourse, and ultimately work towards a freer future.



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